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Welcome Brian Roes

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As Company Growth Continues, Cooper/Haims Advisors LLC Hires Noted Wealth Management Expert Brian Roes

Brings Extensive Experience Working with High-Net-Worth Clients to Company’s Expanding Wealth Management and Tax Consultation Team

Rochester, N.Y., February 10, 2014 — As a result of strong company growth, Cooper/Haims Advisors LLC, a Rochester, N.Y.-based wealth management and tax consultation firm, has announced that it is expanding its team with the hiring of noted financial consultant Brian Roes. In his new role with Cooper/Haims Advisors LLC, Roes will be responsible for comprehensive financial planning, tax planning and investment management. Roes has extensive background in wealth management, having served as chief operating officer of Ashford Advisors LLC and as a financial analyst for WealthCFO Advisors LLC. 

“A renowned financial expert like Brian, who has a stellar track record of success working with high-net-worth clients, is a perfect fit for our team,” said Cooper/ Haims Advisors LLC Partner Jared Haims. 

“Brian has unique fiscal and investment insights that our clients will greatly benefit from. In addition, he’ll also give us the organizational capacity to continue providing world-class service to current and new clients, which is crucial given the growth our firm has seen in recent years. And, in terms of company and client culture, Brian’s going to be an ideal match as well.” 

Roes, a resident of Pittsford, is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting.

About Cooper/Haims Advisors LLC

Cooper/Haims Advisors LLC is a registered investment advisory firm offering a full array of wealth management solutions for individuals and families, including asset management, investment services and tax planning. Cooper/Haims Advisors is committed to keeping clients focused on their future, and to working — side by side — to create a finely balanced life/wealth plan that simplifies the handling of financial matters while giving clients the freedom to pursue their goals.

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